Memory Care

Esprit Whispering Ridge Assisted Living and Memory Care Omaha
Memory Care with a focus on innovative programming…

At Esprit Whispering Ridge, we offer exceptional services with a focus on innovative programming. We’re committed to offering the very best possible care for those living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.

Our private Memory Care suites provide the optimal balance of comfort, independence and security in beautiful, secure “neighborhoods” that incorporate the most advanced therapeutic design principles. Choose from private studio apartments and one-bedroom suites that can be personalized with individual touches.

Compassionate Memory Care Conveniently Located in Omaha, NE

Esprit is staffed by compassionate individuals who go out of their way to connect with residents. They make it their business to know your loved one’s personal history.

Highly trained professionals are always on hand to provide 24-hour individualized care. They’ll work with you to create personal routines, some new and some familiar. Your loved one will enjoy everyday experiences that reflect and honor their past and give purpose to their present. Intimate “life enrichment spaces” stimulate curiosity as well as memories of familiar people and locations.

To learn more about Memory Care that empowers your loved one, please call 402-932-7300 or click here to request more information online.

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