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Creating an Assisted Living Community Where Seniors Enjoy Living

Assisted Living is a distinct retirement home living arrangement for complete senior care in Omaha NE. It is specifically targeted at seniors who, though able to live independently, may be unable to manage the activities of daily living on their own. These activities may include dressing, eating, showering, taking medications, and help with mobility. In these types of arrangements for senior living in Omaha NE, personal care services such as housekeeping, meals, and transportation are provided along with medical care as needed. Assisted living communities are also known as congregate housings, boarding homes or residential cares.

Assisted living communities fill the gap between nursing homes and home-care and provide a homelike environment to seniors who simply require help with the activities of daily living and do not require 24-hour nursing care in the hospital environment of a nursing home. These communities for senior living in Omaha NE may also have areas for those with Alzheimer’s or memory disorder who do not require medical attention but need guidance.

What can you look forward to in an assisted living community?

In Omaha NE, assisted living apartments come with private rooms or suites with locked doors. There is a common area for the residents who want to have gathering areas with couches, gardens, fireplaces or atriums. The residents dine in the central dining room which also serves as a place for meetings, social gatherings or entertainment. Many activities are arranged for the seniors that help to keep them active and stimulated; outings, recreational activities and wellness and exercise programs are planned as well. The residents are provided transportation and 24-hour security.

Esprit Whispering Ridge, a facility with memory care services and assisted living in Omaha NE, has been designed to promote independence and provide choice to our senior residents. Our team of professional caregivers in Omaha are dedicated to the cause of well-being and wellness of those in the care of the community and are available onsite 24-hours a day. Our apartment homes provide the residents the privacy required by them while being assisted with their activities for daily living under the supervision and assistance of our committed staff.

Retirement Home in Omaha with great amenities

This Assisted Living Community in Omaha Offers Unrivaled Amenities

If a senior is finding it more and more difficult in managing daily activities of life like dressing, showering, managing medications, running errands and getting around the house, the best solution is an assisted living residence, also known as assisted living facility (ALF). Such facilities offer expert senior care near your home in Omaha NE and provide supervision to senior people who need assistance with their activities of daily living. The senior living communities are for those who are unable to live independently but at the same time do not require 24-hours medical care which is provided in nursing homes.

Assisted Living Costs in Omaha

Assisted living costs vary depending on several factors – the type of residence chosen, whether the apartment is a studio, one-bedroom or two-bedroom, the services required and not to forget the geographical location of the community. In most of the communities for senior living in Omaha NE, the basic rate takes care of all the services, with additional fees for any special services. While some assisted living facilities charge on a month-to-month basis, there are other communities in Omaha for senior care where there are options for long-term payment.

Assisted Living Availability

In Omaha NE, assisted living community services will include meals, housekeeping, laundry, transportation, 24-hour security, exercise programs and social and recreational activities. Personal care services include an experienced staff that assists the residents with eating, dressing, bathing, and walking and medication management. The assisted living facilities also provide assistance to those who may also have Alzheimer’s or other memory disorders or need support with incontinence, help with mobility or any other challenges.

Esprit Whispering Ridge is an affordable assisted living and memory care community for assisted living in Omaha NE. We offer our residents a nurturing and caring environment where they get the best during their retirement years with social activities and companionship in gatherings and quiet and personal time in their accommodations. Our assisted living residence provides all the care and comfort to the seniors and is just the place for them to triumph in the new phase of life which they have chosen.

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